What We Do

Active Food is currently serving as a sales / distribution company serving all stores and markets in Iraq. After the professional life, it is also trusted by its business partners and customers. and quickly attracted attention.

Active Food has expanded its sales and distribution network to all chain stores in Iraq, especially in Arbil, and managed to establish the bridges between the producer and the end consumer and managed the smoothly targeted trade.


Our Services

We follow the developments in the sector closely and work with the first day's excitement to produce the most suitable and fast solution for our customers with its dynamic staff.


It has adopted the principle of transportation with the highest quality brands in the field with the highest quality service.


With its experienced staff and shipping fleet, delivery of the products to the orderers is provided in appropriate conditions and time.


YIn the open and closed storage area, the products are stocked ready for shipment according to the storage conditions.


To meet the needs of our customers; effective and efficient planning, implementation, transportation and control of services.


Quality content research is carried out by us to add new brands and products to our portfolio.It is reported after required examinations.


We are developing a culture of innovation in our companies for a sustainable and profitable growth model.

Active Food

Amazing Features

We are a company that gives customers happiness and confidence and sees customers as business partners.

The evaluation and rewarding of all our business processes in the international arena with the customer-oriented execution approach encourages us to continuously improve.

With this understanding, we undertake to be a pioneer and exemplary company in every field in the sector in which we serve with a principled cooperation with all our employees and stakeholders.

  • Add value to manufacturers,
  • Leading the industry,
  • To be a sustainable and profitable company,
  • Inspiring business partners,
  • We are a company that can renew itself open to the changes brought by the age.

Free Shipping

We bring all of your selected products to your company at any time. This will give you speed in your business.

No Extra Fees

You can find the current price information of all the brands and products you want to obtain by contacting us at any time.

Call Service

For any questions or suggestions you may ask, please contact our "Customer Support Line" and get support.

Our Brands

Products of the most fomous brands in the worl can be found in our shop at some magic prices.