Active Food

About Us

Our company, active and active in the sales and distribution of wholesale food and supplies, was established as a family company and is engaged in sales and distribution in Iraq and its region.

With its entrepreneurial and innovative spirit, Active Food acts to keep pace with the changing world economy. It continues its works by valuing all its customers and employees in which the modern and corporate management approach is adopted.

The success of our employees is our success. Our happiness is our happiness. Büy With our principle, all of our employees have a share in our growth and success.

Our company's continuous, stable growth policy and open to learning structure, our company's new company to have the same company culture to ensure that the comprehensive training programs are implemented.

Our Mission

Being aware of the great responsibility of the region, Active Food is aware of this responsibility and is approaching all its suppliers, employees and the names in its customer portfolio in any way by right and unlawful classification. This is one of the biggest reasons that lead us to success.

Our Quality Policy

As an innovative company that respects to the customer, participates in the management of all levels, and adopts continuous and non-formal education, under no circumstances is it to carry out products and services by not compromising on quality and food safety and to treat food defense as an integral part of food security.

Active Food

  • To guarantee the continuity of customer satisfaction by meeting the needs of our customers and to increase the satisfaction rate,
  • Ensuring the full participation of all our employees,
  • To prepare an honest, tolerant, respectful and devoted working environment in a team spirit of our employees for continuous education, development and improvement,
  • To carry out studies to ensure the continuity of our good quality product acceptance in domestic and foreign markets,
  • Increasing our production and product diversity capacity.

Our Brands

Products of the most fomous brands in the worl can be found in our shop at some magic prices.